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The New Morpheus et al.



Due to requests for features that are currently functional in the new Morpheus et al. program, I am releasing an undocumented, unsupported, pre-release alpha version. Click on the link below to download the .jar file. The procedures for running it are the same as in the documentation for m_vis, except Java3D is not required. If you have a recent installation of Java, you can run the program from the command line in the program directory with "java -jar morpheus_alpha_dd_mmm_yyyy.jar", where dd_mmm_yyyy are the date, month, and year of the release you are using, e.g., "java -jar morpheus_alpha_01_jan_2009.jar". While this version is unsupported, I do welcome feedback that will help in the further development and refinement of the program when next I get to work on it. As always, use at your own risk.

(*** ALPHA ***) New Morpheus (*** ALPHA ***)

M_vis is a standalone program used in the development of the visualization routines for the new Morpheus et al. In its first release, it supports the flexible plotting of multidimensional morphometric data sets, and enhancements are planned to include pairwise object plotting with vector and spline graphics, principal components plots and visualizations, regression plots, etc. Ultimately, these features will be incorporated into the new Morpheus program, and it is uncertain if, at that time, m_vis will continue as a standalone program or will simply have all of its features available in the new Morpheus. In the meantime, it has proved very useful for making rendered plots of morphometric data and is being released to the morphometrics community for general use.

For now, report any problems or suggestions to the dslice(AT)morphometrics(DOT)org. Include the term "m_vis" somewhere in the subject, e.g., "m_vis: greatest thing since sliced bread". Please be patient. After this release, I must turn my attention to any number of projects I have been neglecting, but I will collect your messages and deal with them as time permits.

Click on the links below to view online documentation or download the program (.zip) archive.

I hope you find it useful. Enjoy! -dslice


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